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As an anchor institution, you have the opportunity to harness your economic purchasing power to positively impact the sustainability, growth, and improvement of the communities your serve.'s suite of solutions can help you streamline and growth local small and diverse procurement.

Identify your local diverse suppliers

Begin the implementation of your strategy by first identifying the local diverse suppliers that you already do business with using's Data Enrichment. These results help you benchmark the current status of your program, and provide a foundation for identifying opportunities for growth.

Find new local small and diverse businesses

Locating local businesses that meet your needs can be a challenge. Utilize the Supplier Explorer to search for qualified diverse suppliers and the Diverse Supplier Registration to collect and share detailed information about their products and services.

Analyze your organization's economic impact in your communities.

Your purchases from local businesses has a multiplier effect and supports jobs in your communities. Utilize the Economic Impact Analysis to measure the impact of your purchases on the local economy using the

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