Demonstrate the impact of your supplier diversity program

Highlight the jobs your program supports at diverse suppliers

Track more than just purchases with diverse suppliers – measure jobs and incomes.

The primary goal for supplier diversity programs is to support growth and jobs at small and diverse businesses. Most programs track spending with such businesses as a proxy to measure their support of diverse business. Economic impact analysis connects companies’ supplier diversity spending to the global impact this spending has on the diverse businesses and their communities. It provides insight into the number of jobs that are supported at these businesses through the companies’ purchases and the wages earned by the employees in these jobs.

Detailed analysis on the impact of your Supplier Diversity program

Track the multiplier effect of your program – not only how it impacts the suppliers but also the communities that your business operates in.

Visualize the ripple effect of your program

Your supplier diversity spending has a ripple effect in the economy as your diverse suppliers and their employees spend their money with other businesses and in their communities. In addition to to determining the benefits to your supplier, the impact analysis also measures the impacts at lower tier suppliers and in locations where your business operates.

Evaluate impact by communities where your business operates

Look at your impact the way you track your supplier diversity spending. Our impact report can be customized by geography, business units, or sales regions.

2021 State of Supplier Diversity Report

For the 4th year, launched a survey aimed to get a pulse on the supplier diversity industry. Access now to view updated data, statistics, trends, and analysis.