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Supplier Diversity Best Practices for 2024 with Constellation Energy

Constellation Energy's Andre Wallace and team have built a successful supplier diversity program that supports the business and uplifts the community, preparing them well for the challenges of 2024. 

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How a Global HR Provider Transformed Its Supplier Diversity Program to Win RFPs and Drive Growth

Learn how a global HR organization propelled growth using to transform its supplier diversity program with accurate data and robust reporting.

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Building a Successful Supplier Diversity Program: Lessons from Logitech

Logitech’s Head of Global Supplier Diversity shares how he’s building a successful and growing supplier diversity program.

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12 Questions with Logitech's Head of Supplier Diversity

Logitech's Head of Supplier Diversity answers questions about how he runs a successful and growing program

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Facebook Drives Impact with Supplier Discovery

Facebook empowers all employees to easily find diverse suppliers to help the organization collaborate, innovate and grow.

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Capitalizing on Executive Engagement: Lessons From the Container Store

Learn how to engage your executives from the successful program at The Container Store.

Read more Helps Fulfill JetBlue's Commitment to Supplier Diversity

Find out how JetBlue was able to grow their supplier diversity program and manage supply chain risk during the pandemic

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Customer Spotlight: Eaton

Read how Eaton uses supplier diversity to grow their business and win more accounts.

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Customer Spotlight: Aramark

Learn how Aramark was able to increase their small and diverse suppliers by 25% over 12 months.

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Customer Spotlight: Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E)

Learn how PG&E grew small and diverse spending by 3x over 10 years to become 40% of their total spend.

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Customer Spotlight: Ford (Part 2)

Ford is building an impressive Tier 2 program. Learn how they make Tier 2 easy for suppliers and helpful for Ford.

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Customer Spotlight: Ford (Part 1)

Supplier diversity is in the DNA at Ford. But it was getting difficult to manage all the different suppliers and requests. Learn how a supplier registration portal helped them scale their program.

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