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Achieve world-class performance with data-driven supplier diversity benchmarks.

Unlock new opportunities by comparing your program against real spend data from over $2T in spend across 400+ companies.

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The best in supplier diversity use

How it works.

Our benchmarking data gives you what you need for more accurate performance analysis and goal setting.

Industry-specific benchmark data.

Identify industry average and best in class.
Detailed category level analysis.

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Create a solid foundation for your program.

Set your program’s direction with world-class data

Spot the opportunities and set your vision and goals. Identify where you outperform your peers and where other organizations have had success. Use the data to support your business case to increase your supplier diversity budget.

Feel confident in the data

Benchmark against over $2T in real spend from organizations across multiple industries to get more accurate and actionable data than from manual processes alone.

Dig into the details

Go beyond basic overall result data. Benchmark against specific commodity areas and industries to find exactly where you’re outperforming, and where you can focus your next move.

Breed confidence with clarity

Our accurate, updated benchmarking data ensures you are always aware of how you are performing relative to your peers.

Go beyond Benchmarking.

Each product is powerful alone, but they’re even better when used together.

Insights at your fingertips.

Learn how Eaton used data to better understand their supplier diversity program and use it to drive new business.

Read case study’s 6th State of Supplier Diversity Report revealed big changes in the primary drivers of supplier diversity.

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Learn about the diverse spend benchmarks across industries. Uncover specific categories that others are growing their spend with.

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