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Top 3 Procurement Themes From Procurecon West 2023

CPOs are now expected to add value beyond cost and drive process improvement in order to remain competitive. Learn the three ways 2023 ProcureCon West encouraged leaders to meet this increased demand.

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Elevating the "Why" Behind Supplier Diversity

Find ways to connect your supplier diversity program to the broader themes and priorities within your company.

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The State of Supplier Diversity in 2022

Supplier.io's 5th State of Supplier Diversity Report is s the continuation of an initiative that extends back to 2017 and reflects the growth and maturity of supplier diversity programs as well as the impact of overarching trends in the economy, geopolitics, and society.

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Introducing Supplier Diversity Benchmarking from Supplier.io

Want to know how well your program is doing and where you can improve? Supplier.io introduces our new Benchmarking product to help you know where you stand.

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