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To Drive Maximum Business Value, Align Your ESG and Supplier-Diversity Programs

Responsible sourcing means ESG and supplier diversity working together to drive business benefits, reduce risk, increase innovation, and support the communities you do business in.

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Supplier Diversity and The Economy – Data and Trends

Economic headwinds are impacting business results and budgets. But what about supplier diversity programs and the help we provide diverse communities?

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Building a Successful Supplier Diversity Program: Lessons from Logitech

Logitech’s Head of Global Supplier Diversity shares how he’s building a successful and growing supplier diversity program.

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Supplier Diversity Data – Trends and Best Practices

The Hackett Group and discuss how successful supplier diversity programs are effectively using data to build and grow their programs.

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12 Questions with Logitech's Head of Supplier Diversity

Logitech's Head of Supplier Diversity answers questions about how he runs a successful and growing program

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How to Find Diverse Suppliers at Scale 

75% of leaders say their #1 challenge with their supplier diversity program is finding new diverse suppliers. But the problem may not be as hard to solve as you may think. We’ve interviewed supplier diversity and procurement leaders from top-performing programs to learn their secrets.

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How Can Help You Implement Best Practices

Learn how to use your solution to implement best practices from the top performing programs.

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Supplier Diversity Leaders Share Best Practices

Hear how industry leaders Capital Group and M&T Bank are able to spend well above the industry average with diverse suppliers.

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5 Ways to Boost Supplier Diversity Success – From the Orgs That Do It Best

Across industries, individual companies are delivering on the promise of supplier diversity, with top performers spending 2-3X more with diverse suppliers than their peers. Who are they, and what can they teach us? At, we set out to find the organizations that are putting their money where their mouths are—and to learn what they’re doing to succeed.

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Supplier Diversity Best Practices Lessons from Leaders webinar for procurement leaders and supplier diversity managers
Supplier Diversity Best Practices – Lessons from Leaders 

How do the top-performing supplier diversity programs get 2-3x the results of the rest of their industry? We analyzed the spend data of over 450 companies to identify top performers, and conducted in-depth interviews to understand what they do different from their peers.

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Best Practices for Finding Diverse Suppliers

Learn how leaders grow spend by finding new diverse suppliers Finding credible new diverse suppliers is the biggest challenge for 75% of organizations. Finding new trustworthy suppliers goes well beyond just networking events and industry group membership. Leaders make finding new diverse suppliers easy, low risk, and data driven.

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2023 Supplier Diversity Strategies Report: Moving Beyond Best Practices

Learn how the top 20% of programs operate to beat industry benchmarks by 2-3x. Uncover actionable ways companies of any size can improve their supplier diversity program.

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The 7 Main Characteristics of a Supplier Diversity Program

An effective supplier diversity program is built on transparency, communication, and strategy. Let’s take a look at seven characteristics of successful supplier diversity programs.

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Maximizing the Effectiveness of Your Supplier Diversity Program

Is your program as efficient as it can be? Check out this detailed report to identify simple ways you can improve.

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3 Steps for a Successful Supplier Diversity Program

Learn the 3 most important steps to starting your supplier diversity program, based on years of experience.

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Are Procurement Leaders Making the Grade?

The Hackett Group joined CEO to talk about how Procurement leaders use benchmarking tools and data to improve their programs.

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Why supplier diversity benchmarking is so important

Is benchmarking really that helpful? It can be! 3 ways you can use it to help your program.

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Why good data is the backbone

What single aspect of your business affects the health and strength of your supplier diversity program the most? Answer: your data! Programs with strong, accurate, and reliable data place themselves in a position for success and are better able to scale their operations to promote growth.

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Supplier Diversity Best Practices from Spend Matters

Dig into Spend Matters' extensive research and discover their recommendations and best practices for your supplier diversity program.

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3 Supplier Diversity Resolutions

‘Tis the season for goal setting! You’re probably hard at work on your personal resolutions, but have you remembered to set some for your supplier diversity program?

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The Supplier Diversity Metrics Your Leadership Team Expects To See

Review 4 key metrics you can share with your leaders to demonstrate the value of your supplier diversity program.

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Making Your Metrics Boardroom Ready

Review key metrics your leadership team needs and how you can best capture that data over time, so you're always boardroom-ready.

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Capitalizing on Executive Engagement: Lessons From the Container Store

Learn how to engage your executives from the successful program at The Container Store.

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Key Insights From The State Of Supplier Diversity Webinar With The Hackett group

The Hackett Group joined CEO to talk about supplier diversity trends, and how they relate to the latest priorities for Procurement teams.

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Measurement and Accountability for Growing Supplier Diversity

Research shows supplier diversity leaders are struggling with metrics and accountability. Review the data and explore a few ways you can simply data gathering.

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Empowering Teams to Sustain Supplier Diversity into the Future

Supplier diversity programs have more support than ever but still need additional help. We've identified a few ways leaders can provide more help.

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Giving Your Supplier Diversity Goals a Reality Check

Explore how "average" supplier diversity programs are doing, the impact they're having, and how they can improve

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Is This Good? Top 3 Use Cases for Benchmarking, Part 2

Review a few specific examples of how you can use benchmarking data to improve your program and gain executive support

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3 Easy Ways to Incorporate Supplier Diversity into Your Buyers' Sourcing Efforts

Find 3 simple ways you can get your extended team to include more diverse suppliers.

Read more Helps Fulfill JetBlue's Commitment to Supplier Diversity

Find out how JetBlue was able to grow their supplier diversity program and manage supply chain risk during the pandemic

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Is This Good? Top 3 Use Cases for Benchmarking

3 ways you can use benchmarking data to help you find new insights and opportunities.

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Empowering Supplier Diversity Managers to Succeed in All Economies

Explore 5 ways you can continue to grow your program, even in this difficult economy

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6 Savvy Ways to Build a Successful Program

Let's talk about activities and initiatives that will get your program off to a good start, leveraging both internal and external resources.

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Remembering the 'Why' Behind Supplier Diversity

Connect your supplier diversity program and metrics to what's important to your organization.

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How To Assess the Effectivenesss of Your Supplier Diversity Program

Learn the four steps that will help your team align on its goals, measure your success, and develop a lasting, effective supplier diversity program.

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Maintaining Supplier Diversity Through a Down Economy

Don't let the economy impact your supplier diversity program. Here are 4 ways to ensure your program is seen as mission critical to the business

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Making Accounts Payable Happy

Learn how to put the AP in "hAPpy" with everything your AP teams need to know about supplier diversity and your vendor master files.

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4 Advantages of Having a Supplier Portal

A Supplier Portal doesn't just make your job easier by aggregating information. I can be a gold-mine of information to help you find new opportunities. Learn how.

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Best Practices With The Container Store

Learn how The Container Store has made supplier diversity strategic, connecting it to broader corporate goals and gaining executive support for diverse suppliers.

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Research - 333 Years to Parity

What's the potential impact of all these supplier diversity programs on MBEs? We analyzed the trend data to find out how well we're truly improving things for MBEs over time.

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AON 2021 Economic Impact Report

See how Aon tracks the economic impact of their supplier diversity program, and shares those results with public in the annual report

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Customer Spotlight: Eaton

Read how Eaton uses supplier diversity to grow their business and win more accounts.

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Customer Spotlight: Aramark

Learn how Aramark was able to increase their small and diverse suppliers by 25% over 12 months.

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Customer Spotlight: Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E)

Learn how PG&E grew small and diverse spending by 3x over 10 years to become 40% of their total spend.

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Customer Spotlight: Ford (Part 2)

Ford is building an impressive Tier 2 program. Learn how they make Tier 2 easy for suppliers and helpful for Ford.

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Customer Spotlight: Ford (Part 1)

Supplier diversity is in the DNA at Ford. But it was getting difficult to manage all the different suppliers and requests. Learn how a supplier registration portal helped them scale their program.

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5 Benefits to Implementing a Supplier Registration Portal

Managing all your suppliers, as well as those looking to work with you, can be challenging. Learn how a Registration Portal can get you more data with less work.

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