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Data matters in supplier diversity success—but only if you do it right.

In supplier diversity, the right approach to data makes a big difference.

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Taking Your Supplier Diversity Enrichment to the Next Level

We want to help you use that data to influence your organization and improve your program.  We’re bringing together some of the Supplier.io experts to share with you how other programs get the most value out of their data, and the next steps they take to grow their program. 

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Mastering Supplier Diversity Data

Learn how data can be the foundation for your successful program in this free Spend Matters report on supplier diversity best practices Top-performing supplier diversity programs have mastered their data and use it to build a foundation. Have you?   

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The State of Supplier Diversity with Supplier.io and The Hackett Group

Hear the Hackett Group's insights on the state of supplier diversity and how this relates to key trends and priorities for procurement teams in 2023.

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Are Procurement Leaders Making the Grade?

The Hackett Group joined Supplier.io CEO to talk about how Procurement leaders use benchmarking tools and data to improve their programs.

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Supplier Diversity Benchmarking with Supplier.io and The Hackett Group

The Hackett Group provides insights on key benchmarks in supplier diversity, and how they correlate with improved procurement processes.

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2023 Supplier Diversity Benchmarking Report

Supplier.io’s first annual Benchmarking Report is now available! Like the State of Supplier Diversity Report, our Benchmarking Report will examine key successes, opportunities, and trends of programs across the country.

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The Supplier Diversity Metrics Your Leadership Team Expects To See

Review 4 key metrics you can share with your leaders to demonstrate the value of your supplier diversity program.

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Making Your Metrics Boardroom Ready

Review key metrics your leadership team needs and how you can best capture that data over time, so you're always boardroom-ready.

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Key Insights From The State Of Supplier Diversity Webinar With The Hackett group

The Hackett Group joined Supplier.io CEO to talk about supplier diversity trends, and how they relate to the latest priorities for Procurement teams.

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Measurement and Accountability for Growing Supplier Diversity

Research shows supplier diversity leaders are struggling with metrics and accountability. Review the data and explore a few ways you can simply data gathering.

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Empowering Teams to Sustain Supplier Diversity into the Future

Supplier diversity programs have more support than ever but still need additional help. We've identified a few ways leaders can provide more help.

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Elevating the "Why" Behind Supplier Diversity

Find ways to connect your supplier diversity program to the broader themes and priorities within your company.

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The State of Supplier Diversity in 2022

Supplier.io's 5th State of Supplier Diversity Report is s the continuation of an initiative that extends back to 2017 and reflects the growth and maturity of supplier diversity programs as well as the impact of overarching trends in the economy, geopolitics, and society.

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Giving Your Supplier Diversity Goals a Reality Check

Explore how "average" supplier diversity programs are doing, the impact they're having, and how they can improve

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Is This Good? Top 3 Use Cases for Benchmarking, Part 2

Review a few specific examples of how you can use benchmarking data to improve your program and gain executive support

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3 Easy Ways to Incorporate Supplier Diversity into Your Buyers' Sourcing Efforts

Find 3 simple ways you can get your extended team to include more diverse suppliers.

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Is This Good? Top 3 Use Cases for Benchmarking

3 ways you can use benchmarking data to help you find new insights and opportunities.

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Maintaining Supplier Diversity Through a Down Economy

Don't let the economy impact your supplier diversity program. Here are 4 ways to ensure your program is seen as mission critical to the business

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Best Practices With The Container Store

Learn how The Container Store has made supplier diversity strategic, connecting it to broader corporate goals and gaining executive support for diverse suppliers.

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Research - 333 Years to Parity

What's the potential impact of all these supplier diversity programs on MBEs? We analyzed the trend data to find out how well we're truly improving things for MBEs over time.

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2022 State Of Supplier Diversity Report

Check out the latest trends in supplier diversity programs across the country including what's working, not working, and how your peers are addressing key challenges.

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AON 2021 Economic Impact Report

See how Aon tracks the economic impact of their supplier diversity program, and shares those results with public in the annual report

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Customer Spotlight: Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E)

Learn how PG&E grew small and diverse spending by 3x over 10 years to become 40% of their total spend.

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Introducing Supplier Diversity Benchmarking from Supplier.io

Want to know how well your program is doing and where you can improve? Supplier.io introduces our new Benchmarking product to help you know where you stand.

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