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Actionable Insights from The State of Supplier Diversity

Research shows leaders truly support the idea of supplier diversity. Review 3 ways you can turn that support into action.

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Making Accounts Payable Happy

Learn how to put the AP in "hAPpy" with everything your AP teams need to know about supplier diversity and your vendor master files.

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What You Should Know: Tier 1 vs Tier 2 Supplier Diversity Spend

A "Tier 2 Program" can be easy to implement and significantly improve your supplier diversity results. Learn the differences between these programs and how they improve your results.

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The Definitive Guide to Veteran-Owned Business

Approximately 99.9 percent of all U.S. businesses are small businesses - nearly 30 million —and eight million of those are classified as diverse businesses, including veteran-owned firms. Read the guide for veteran-owned businesses.

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The Definitive Guide for LGBTQ-Owned Business Enterprises

Get the guide for resources and information about LGBTQ-owned businesses and supplier diversity.

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The Definitive Guide For Disability-Owned Business Enterprises

Disability-owned businesses are a growing segment of small businesses. Approximately one in five Americans have a disability, and people with disabilities are nearly twice as likely to be self-employed as people without disabilities. Get the definitive guide for these businesses.

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The Definitive Guide for Minority-Owned Businesses

Small businesses are the engine that drive the U.S. economy, and Minority-Owned Business Enterprises (MBEs) fuel a large portion of that engine. Read our guide for minority-owned businesses.

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The Definitive Guide For Women-Owned Businesses

It's becoming more commonly known that supplier diversity and women-owned business enterprises (WBEs) are essential for economic success. Let’s look at a few numbers to see why.

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