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2023 Economic Impact Report

Supplier diversity isn’t just a proven business strategy that improves supply chain competitiveness and enhances company reputations.  It is also a force for good that improves communities and individual lives. analyzed the spend of our customers with small and diverse suppliers to understand what kind of impact these companies are having on the communities they serve.  This report outlines the positive impact they’re having, how that impact is achieved, and identifies specific companies that are Supply Chain Diversity Leaders who are supporting tens of thousands of jobs.

The companies within’s 2023 Economic Impact report – including the Supply Chain Diversity Leaders — collectively generated over 1.3 million jobs, $104 billion in income, and $31.4 billion in tax revenue to the global economy through small and diverse spend last year.

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Download the report to gain a few key insights including:

  • 326 companies supported over 1.3 million jobs in communities
  • Those companies spend over $160 billion with small and diverse suppliers
  • $1 spent with a small or diverse supplier results in $1.80 in economic benefit to the community