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2023 Supplier Diversity Benchmarking Report’s first annual Benchmarking Report is now available! Like the State of Supplier Diversity Report, our Benchmarking Report will examine key successes, opportunities, and trends of programs across the country.

While State of Supplier Diversity focuses on key trends and challenges seen by industry leaders within their programs and organizations, the Benchmarking Report looks at the results programs see and what it means for supplier diversity as a whole.

One of the major insights we discovered in our inaugural report is the significant differences in spend across industries, commodities, and diversity groups, and the opportunities for diverse spend growth that many companies could be missing. We share many of the top line benchmarks across total spend, commodity, leading and lagging industries, and by diverse categories.

We hope this report acts as a springboard for finding insights and opportunities within your organization.

In addition to the report, you’ll gain access to an executive summary, supporting blog articles and more on our benchmarking resources page!

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Get many of the top line benchmarks across:

  • total spend
  • commodity
  • leading and lagging industries
  • diverse categories