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Achieve Value and Resilience through ESG-Driven Sustainable Procurement

Discover the strategic advantages of sustainable procurement and insights into cost savings, risk mitigation, and MORE!

Are you practicing sustainable procurement?

This report delves into the strategic benefits of sustainable procurement, exploring its impact on risk mitigation and long-term value. Risk mitigation and value creation go hand-in-hand; they present sustainable supply chain management as a way to mitigate risks (reputational, operational, regulatory) while also creating business value through improved efficiencies, innovation, and brand enhancement.

By understanding available opportunities, you can position yourself as a proactive leader within your organization and effectively drive both Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) impact and financial success. Studies have shown:

  • By 2026, 70% of technology procurement leaders will have environmental-sustainability-aligned performance objectives (Gartner)
  • 85% of companies recognize the importance of sustainable procurement, but only 46% fully implemented such practices. (PWC)
  • 48% of global companies experience pressure to embrace greener procurement processes (Procurement Tactics)

Discover for yourself how the integration of ESG principles has become a guiding force for businesses seeking long-term success by downloading our report!

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