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Grow diverse spend in a challenging economy

Don’t let the current economy impact your ability to find suppliers.

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75% of leaders say their #1 challenge with their supplier diversity program is finding new diverse suppliers; and the current environment isn’t helping. In fact, new certifications are down as much as 50% and many suppliers seem to be letting their certification lapse.

But there are some strategies you can take to continue to grow your diverse spend. We’ll look at a number of ways leaders aren’t just able to find new diverse suppliers, they’re also able to continue to scale up their programs in spite of adversity.

Join us for this interactive webinar as we explore how leaders are able to continue to grow including:

  • Finding opportunities in their own data
  • Finding new diverse suppliers from scratch
  • Tools and processes to continue to scale up your spend
  • Turning those new suppliers into business benefits

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Molly O’Brien – Senior Sales Executive and former Supplier Diversity Leader
Daniel Dorr – VP of Marketing at

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