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How Supplier.io Can Help You Implement Best Practices

Learn how to use your Supplier.io solution to implement best practices from the top performing programs.

You may already have all the tools you need to be a top performing supplier diversity program.  Some Supplier.io customers are getting 2-3x the results of the rest of their industry. So we analyzed the data and conducted in-depth interviews to understand what they do differently from everyone else.    

Some of the companies interviewed included CDW, Ford Motor Company, Global Payments Inc., Honeywell Aerospace, M&T Bank, Motorola Solutions, Inc., Unilever, and more.  After hours of interviews, we walked away with some very clear actions anyone can take to improve their supplier diversity program results, regardless of age, budget, and staffing.  And as a Supplier.io customer, you likely already have some of the tools you need to start today! 

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Aylin Basom
Lois Eichacker
VP, Customer Success
Laurie Hunt
Sr. Customer Success Manager

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Join us Tuesday, June 6, 2023 at 2:30pm Central for this interactive webinar as we explore how you can use Supplier.io to implement the best practices from leaders including: 

  • Deeper analysis of your spend data
  • More proactive and data-driven planning
  • Finding more business relevant metrics
  • Building data-driven relationships
  • Getting more value from your industry groups