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Supplier Diversity Benchmarking with and The Hackett Group released our first annual Supplier Diversity Benchmarking Report!

One of the major insights we discovered in our inaugural report is the significant differences in spend across industries, commodities, and diversity groups, and the opportunities for diverse spend growth that many companies could be missing. We share many of the top line benchmarks across total spend, commodity, leading and lagging industries, and by diverse categories.

On February 21, 2023 CEO Aylin Basom sat down with Chris Sawchuk, Principal Analyst with The Hackett Group, to discuss the results of our Benchmarking Report and share how supplier diversity and procurement leaders can leverage this data to scale and partner together to tackle the challenges they’ll face in 2023.

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Aylin Basom
Aylin Basom
Chris Sawchuk
Principal Global
Practice Leader

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