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How supplier diversity data and practices double diverse spend

Accurate supplier diversity data is critical for a successful, responsible sourcing program.

But how much of an impact can it make?

Watch and IBM Procurement Analytics as a Service experts show how better data and best practices helped one organization increase their diverse spend by over 100%!

    By watching this webinar, you’ll learn:

    1. Supplier diversity data best practices
    2. Simple ways to improve data inputs to get better results
    3. Connecting supplier diversity to procurement digital transformation
    4. How better data processes produced 100%+ better results
    5. Using data to engage business stakeholders

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    Hear from IBM procurement experts!

    Laura Beth Hirt-Sharpe possesses significant experience in analytics and supply chain management and aims to merge her procurement knowledge with her love of mathematics to create actionable intelligence for her clients. She has successfully leveraged her knowledge and experience to build the IBM Procurement Analytics as a Service offering as well as other client-facing services and technologies.

    Adam Loudon possesses diverse skills, including data analysis, statistical programming, research, database querying, project management, and data presentation. At IBM, he collaborates with clients to create intelligent workflows that combine their procurement team’s expertise, exponential technologies like AI and automation, and internal and external data sources. In addition to his technical skills, he enjoys participating in the workplace environment and working with individuals with diverse skills.

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