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Sustainability is a critical focus for businesses today, with your supply chain offering the greatest potential for impact. However limited visibility into suppliers’ environmental, social, and governance (ESG) performance can hinder progress towards sustainability goals leverages 20+ years of supplier data and analytics experience to power your ESG initiatives. Our platform provides unparalleled transparency into your suppliers’ ESG performance, empowering sustainability teams to uncover hidden risks, make informed decisions, and drive positive impact throughout the supply chain.  

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Achieve value and resilience through ESG-driven sustainable procurement

Discover the strategic advantages of sustainable procurement and insights into cost savings, risk mitigation, and more.

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We help you:

Evaluate and Track Supplier ESG Performance

Streamline supplier ESG assessments with our platform, which aggregates leading social and environmental, ratings and certifications. Save time and resources while making informed choices that align with your sustainability goals and commitments.

Drive Scope 3 Decarbonization

Access detailed climate data, including supplier-reported Scope 1, 2, and 3 GHG emissions, carbon intensity, and science-based targets. Identify areas for collaboration to reduce your Scope 3 emissions and collectively drive progress toward net zero.

Proactively Manage ESG Risks

Gain visibility into your supply chain to identify and mitigate potential environmental, social, and governance (ESG) risks. Drive responsible business practices and safeguard your company’s reputation through proactive risk management.

Navigate Supply Chain Regulations

Gain insights into your suppliers’ practices to confidently address the requirements of global and local supply chain laws. Avoid potential fines and penalties, by proactively managing compliance risks.

Find Alternative Sourcing Options

Easily find new, sustainable suppliers to expand your network. Unlock cost savings, foster new collaborations, and open doors to new growth opportunities.

Measure Your Impact

Quantify the tangible environmental, social, and economic benefits of your responsible sourcing efforts. Showcase your commitment to sustainability and corporate social responsibility to stakeholders.

50% of the Fortune 100 use

March towards meaningful ESG targets. provides you with a centralized way to track, manage, and expand responsible sourcing with one platform. Access comprehensive ESG data and tools, including insights on over 6 million suppliers’ environmental and social certifications, and track their sustainability progress over time. 

1 Data Enrichment

Know your supply chain sustainability

Enrich your supplier data with environmental and social certifications and ratings such as Certified B Corporations, CDP Climate Scores, Green Business Network companies, Fair Trade and many more.

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2 Sustainability Analytics & Reporting
3 Supplier Registration
4 Supplier Explorer
5 Supplier Explorer Emissions
6 Supplier Carbon Analytics

Know your supply chain sustainability

Enrich your supplier data with environmental and social certifications and ratings such as Certified B Corporations, CDP Climate Scores, Green Business Network companies, Fair Trade and many more.

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Track, analyze, and report your sustainability metrics

Track, analyze, and report detailed environmental and social metrics to monitor and improve your organization’s sustainability performance over time. 

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Easily collect supplier sustainability data

Make it easy for suppliers to register and play an active role by directly uploading their environmental and social certifications and ratings, or by providing essential data on their practices via a centralized portal.

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Supplier Explorer

Easily find even more sustainable and diverse suppliers

Easily find new credible, sustainable suppliers that match your criteria within our continuously expanding database. Search and filter through over 6 million suppliers and select suppliers based on social and environmental certifications and ratings.

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Gain insights into a supplier’s climate related data

Access supplier’s climate related data, including reported Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions from CDP global disclosures and other sources, as well as their committed science-based targets and carbon intensity. This data empowers you to make informed decisions to achieve net-zero targets, ensure regulatory compliance, and meet company commitments. 

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Monitor your supply chain’s climate impact

Calculate your Scope 3 GHG baseline, pinpoint the largest contributors, engage suppliers for collaborative reduction, and track progress for continuous improvement. 

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Review the proven strategic benefits of integrating sustainability into procurement practices. Identify how it can highlight opportunities for long-term value creation and resilience, as well as actionable steps procurement teams can take to drive positive change throughout their supply chains.

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Learn how procurement can meet the growing imperative for sustainability and strong Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) practices. Watch this webinar to discover how sustainable procurement is a strategic lever for driving long-term value and resilience.

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Capturing more ESG data. captures ESG and sustainability data as part of building the largest and more accurate responsible sourcing database.  Learn how you can invite your suppliers to provide more information on their certifications and ratings today.

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The Hackett Group’s Kurt Albertson shares their roadmap for achieving success in supplier diversity and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) initiatives in 2024.

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ESG principles in your supply chain can generate real, measurable business benefits. Learn how ESG contributes to your roadmap to success.  

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Procurement plays a pivotal role in achieving corporate sustainability goals. Here are the top supply chain sustainability KPIs for Procurement and why they matter. 

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