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Supplier Diversity and The Economy – Data and Trends

IMPLAN and discuss how the economy is impacting supplier diversity programs and the diverse communities they support

Economic headwinds are impacting business results and budgets.  But what about supplier diversity programs and the help we provide diverse communities?

Spoiler Alert! The economy has had a big impact on supplier diversity programs.  In this webinar we’ll review the high-level data and even look into how that data comes together to identify the jobs, wages, and production supplier diversity programs support in communities.

Join Maria Lucas, Consulting Economist with IMPLAN and Marj Ramos, Economic Impact Delivery Manager at as they discuss how successful supplier diversity programs are being impacted by the current economy, and how that translates into the impact programs are having on the communities they serve.


Maria Lucas
Consulting Economist at IMPLAN
Marj Ramos
Economic Impact Delivery Manager at
Daniel Dorr
VP of Marketing at

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Topics include:

  • Industry benchmarks of diverse spend from 2021 and 2021
  • How supplier diversity supports jobs, wages, and production in communities
  • The data used to assess the impact programs
  • How the data and impact has changed in the last year