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How Supplier Diversity Data and Practices Double Diverse Spend

Accurate supplier diversity data is critical for a successful, responsible sourcing program. But how much of an impact can it make?

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Sustainability in Procurement

Watch and discover how sustainable procurement is a strategic lever for driving long-term value and resilience by exploring:

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Roadmap for ESG Success in 2024

Our dialogue with Kurt Albertson centered around crafting a roadmap for achieving success in supplier diversity and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) initiatives in 2024.

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Tips to Combat Supplier Diversity Challenges recently hosted an insightful conversation with Dwayne Norris, Supplier Diversity Manager at Enterprise Mobility, about how important it is for supplier diversity leaders to use metrics to measure success.

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Tips to Revitalize Your Supplier Diversity Program

Get ideas on revitalizing your supplier diversity program by watching our webinar, Supplier Diversity Best Practices with UScellular.

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Prep for Legal & Political Issues Related to Supplier Diversity

Go deep into recent legal cases involving corporate supplier diversity programs by watching our Best Practices for 2024 webinar.

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Supplier Diversity as a Competitive Edge

Discover how supplier diversity can be a competitive advantage by watching our webinar, "Supplier Diversity Best Practices with Constellation Energy." 

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Better Scope 3 Data and Tackling the Net Zero Challenge

Learn how you can leverage new technologies and ways of working with your supply chain to ensure you’re getting high-quality Scope 3 GHG data with the right amount of details and effort to meet your goals.

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Supplier Diversity and ESG in 2024

What will 2024 look like and how do ESG and supplier diversity leaders need to prepare?  Join and The Hackett Group for this exclusive webinar to find out. 

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Getting your supplier diversity metrics board ready

The 2023 State of Supplier Diversity report clearly demonstrated that executive support and interest in supplier diversity has held strong, data is taking center stage in programs and politics and the economy are not slowing programs down.

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ESG and supply chain sustainability data

Procurement teams have a critical role to play in the environmental and social impact of companies today. But they need meaningful and transparent supply chain data. That may seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. In this session we’ll cover some of the drivers for ESG and sustainability reporting, how leading organizations are taking action today, and how can help.

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Getting Executive Support for Supplier Diversity despite politics and the economy

Watch Daniel Dorr, VP of Marketing at and Nalini Bates, Consultant & Project Lead, Supplier Diversity, Insight Sourcing Group as they discuss how you can develop a metrics driven program that your leaders will continue to support, and your procurement peers will thank you for.

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The 2023 State of Supplier Diversity with the Hackett Group and

Watch Aylin Basom (CEO of and Chris Sawchuk (Principal, Global Practice Leader of The Hackett Group) on-demand as they bring together their knowledge and expertise to analyze what this year’s findings mean for both supplier diversity and procurement.

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How Can Help You Grow Diverse Spend with Data

Take a look at a number of ways leaders are finding growth opportunities in their own data, within their programs, and in partnership with their buyers and business unit leaders.

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Grow diverse spend in a challenging economy

We’ll look at a number of ways leaders aren’t just able to find new diverse suppliers, they’re also able to continue to scale up their programs in spite of adversity.

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Supplier Diversity and The Economy – Data and Trends

Economic headwinds are impacting business results and budgets. But what about supplier diversity programs and the help we provide diverse communities?

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Supplier Diversity Data – Trends and Best Practices

The Hackett Group and discuss how successful supplier diversity programs are effectively using data to build and grow their programs.

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How to Find Diverse Suppliers at Scale 

75% of leaders say their #1 challenge with their supplier diversity program is finding new diverse suppliers. But the problem may not be as hard to solve as you may think. We’ve interviewed supplier diversity and procurement leaders from top-performing programs to learn their secrets.

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Logitech’s building a successful supplier diversity program

Learn how this 20+ year supplier diversity veteran is accelerating Logitech’s supplier diversity program 

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How Can Help You Implement Best Practices

Learn how to use your solution to implement best practices from the top performing programs.

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Taking Your Supplier Diversity Enrichment to the Next Level

We want to help you use that data to influence your organization and improve your program.  We’re bringing together some of the experts to share with you how other programs get the most value out of their data, and the next steps they take to grow their program. 

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Supplier Diversity Leaders Share Best Practices

Hear how industry leaders Capital Group and M&T Bank are able to spend well above the industry average with diverse suppliers.

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Supplier Diversity Best Practices Lessons from Leaders webinar for procurement leaders and supplier diversity managers
Supplier Diversity Best Practices – Lessons from Leaders 

How do the top-performing supplier diversity programs get 2-3x the results of the rest of their industry? We analyzed the spend data of over 450 companies to identify top performers, and conducted in-depth interviews to understand what they do different from their peers.

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The State of Supplier Diversity with and The Hackett Group

Hear the Hackett Group's insights on the state of supplier diversity and how this relates to key trends and priorities for procurement teams in 2023.

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Supplier Diversity Benchmarking with and The Hackett Group

The Hackett Group provides insights on key benchmarks in supplier diversity, and how they correlate with improved procurement processes.

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Making Accounts Payable Happy

Learn how to put the AP in "hAPpy" with everything your AP teams need to know about supplier diversity and your vendor master files.

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Best Practices With The Container Store

Learn how The Container Store has made supplier diversity strategic, connecting it to broader corporate goals and gaining executive support for diverse suppliers.

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