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Taking Your Supplier Diversity Enrichment to the Next Level

Learn how to use your existing data enrichment to improve your program

As an existing Supplier.io customer, you already have access to accurate supplier diveristy spend data.  But getting the data is only half the solution.      

We want to help you use that data to influence your organization and improve your program.  We’re bringing together some of the Supplier.io experts to share with you how other programs get the most value out of their data, and the next steps they take to grow their program. 

Please join us on June 1 2023 on 1:30pm ET. Register now!

Lois Eichacker
VP of Customer Success at Supplier.io
Daniel Dorr
VP of Marketing at Supplier.io
Laurie Hunt
Sr. Customer Success Manager at Supplier.io

Register to attend

Join us for this 30-minute interactive webinar as we explore how you can use Supplier.io to:

  • Interpret and understand your data
  • Share results with leadership
  • Identify other departments to work with
  • Take your program to the next level