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Every company has different objectives and you need suppliers that can meet your requirements. The diverse supplier registration makes it easy to collect, evaluate, and qualify diverse suppliers who are a strategic fit for future opportunities. Finding diverse suppliers that match your company's expectations for sourcing opportunities provides the greatest challenge and the biggest opportunity in growing your supplier diversity program.

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Custom Registration Data

The supplier.io registration system includes a robust set of fields out-of-the-box. But since your data requirements are unique, add practically any field that you need as part of your supplier qualification process.

Custom Registration Fields

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Collect suppliers you meet at events and conferences

Keeping track of the suppliers you meet at conferences is difficult. Eliminate the hassle of collecting business cards with an integrated business card scanner that saves you and your suppliers precious time at conferences.

Qualify Diverse Suppliers

Not all suppliers that register will meet your requirements. Identify the companies that offer the products and services you need through a rigorous qualification process

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