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Data insights to lowering supply chain emissions and reaching net zero

Get the right data to reliably meet your ESG goals including lowering Scope 3 emissions and meeting Net Zero targets.

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Sustainable Procurement: Driving Value Creation and Managing Risk

Industry leaders the Hackett Group and Shelly Brown share the business case, insights, and best practices for sustainable procurement

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Beyond Good Intentions: The Tangible Business Case for ESG-Focused Procurement

ESG principles in your supply chain can generate real, measurable business benefits. Learn how ESG contributes to your roadmap to success. 

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3 Ways to Elevate ESG Performance in Your Supplier Base

Overcome ESG challenges with better supplier data and deeper relationships. 3 strategies to strengthen your data and elevate ESG performance.

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A Data-Driven Approach to Scope 3 GHG Measurements and Action

Get a baseline and start measuring your Scope 3 greenhouse gases today with the data already at your fingertips. 

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Know your Sustainable Spend to Grow it – Here’s How

Maximizing supply chain sustainability requires procurement teams to properly manage and analyze their spend and supplier data. Here's how.

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The Top Supply Chain Sustainability KPIs for Procurement and Why they Matter

Procurement plays a pivotal role in achieving corporate sustainability goals. Here are the top supply chain sustainability KPIs for Procurement and why they matter.

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3 Takeaways from Net Zero USA 2023

ESG leaders gathered to discuss the challenges, opportunities, and strategies for more sustainable operations and how we can reach net zero commitments in the coming years.

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The Top ESG Laws and Regulations for Procurement Pros to Know

Evolving ESG regulations may impact your supply chain. Make sure you know the details.

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To Drive Maximum Business Value, Align Your ESG and Supplier-Diversity Programs

Responsible sourcing means ESG and supplier diversity working together to drive business benefits, reduce risk, increase innovation, and support the communities you do business in.

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Supply Chain Sustainability Delivers Broad and Market-Defining Business Value – Here’s How

5 ways ESG and supply chain sustainability delivers business value, from reduced risk to increased business results.

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Supplier diversity support continues as leaders improve data and reporting

Our 6th annual report explores business relationships, executive support, program management, data, results, ESG and more.

Read More Now Collects Supplier Sustainability Practices and ESG Certifications is excited to share an important update regarding our supplier registration process that further enhances the insights we can provide to support procurement decisions.

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