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Advocating for Supplier Diversity in the Face of Economic Uncertainty 

Is procurement able to satisfy urgent bottom line requirements while also working towards visionary pursuits like supplier diversity and sustainability?

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Business leaders making the case for supplier diversity
Making the Business Case for Supplier Diversity to Sales, Marketing, and Finance

Supplier diversity programs are hardly new. Most procurement professionals have some experience with deliberately including certified diverse suppliers in sourcing projects and even onboarding and partnering with suppliers that win contracts.

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Stop Explaining Why Diversity is Important

Research shows most business leaders support supplier diversity as simply how they want to do business. So we don't need to justify it anymore. But we do need to connect it to bigger business themes

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6 Savvy Ways to Build a Successful Program

Let's talk about activities and initiatives that will get your program off to a good start, leveraging both internal and external resources.

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Remembering the 'Why' Behind Supplier Diversity

Connect your supplier diversity program and metrics to what's important to your organization.

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Customer Spotlight: Eaton

Read how Eaton uses supplier diversity to grow their business and win more accounts.

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Customer Spotlight: Aramark

Learn how Aramark was able to increase their small and diverse suppliers by 25% over 12 months.

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5 Benefits to Implementing a Supplier Registration Portal

Managing all your suppliers, as well as those looking to work with you, can be challenging. Learn how a Registration Portal can get you more data with less work.

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